Waterproofing Compounds

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Hind Crystal Seal

Hind Crystal Seal is a capillary waterproofing formulation of proprietary blends of moisture active chemicals,quartz, sand and cement.

Hind Crystal Seal (I)

Hind Crystal Seal (I) is an unique formulation of crystalline powder additive for concrete & mortar. The activec hemicals in the …..

Hind Plug – S

Hind Plug S is fast setting powdered compound for stopping running

Hind Proof No – 1

Hind Proof No.1 is a semi-paste, waterproofing compound which is used as an additive in cement concrete and plastering…..

Hind Proof No – 2

Hind Proof No-2 is an extra fast setting waterproofing/plugging compound. It is a pink colored liquid.

Hind Proof No – 3

A multipurpose cement mortar & concrete additive in liquid form when added to concrete, results in quick……