Tile Adhesives

Hind Block Fix

Hind Block Fix is a ready to use, self curing and non-shrink block fixing compound, blended carefully and formulated…….

Hind Fix MA (W)

Hind Fix MA (W) is ready mix white cement based thinset adhesive for fixing of Tile/Marble Adhesive, manufactured…….

Hind Fix TA (L)

Hind Fix TA (L) is a modified polymer based highly concentrated, waterproof liquid tile fixing adhesive used in conjunction……

Hind Fix TA (O)

Hind Fix TA (O) is a ready mix cement based tile adhesive for fixing of Ceramic tiles & Mosaics………

Hind Fix TA – 1

Hind Fix TA is ready mix cement based excellent tile adhesive conforming to IS: 15477-2019, Type 1 

Hind Fix TA – 2

Hind Fix TA is single component ready mix cement and high polymer modified tile adhesive conforming to IS……

Hind Grout Admix 737

Hind Grout Admix 737 is a polymer based grout admixture formulated which can be used with Hind Tile Grout…..