Green Products

Hind Anti Rust

Hind Anti Rust is a modified acrylic polymer based cementitous, anticorrosive, protective coating…….

Hind Block Fix

Hind Block Fix is a ready to use, self curing and non-shrink block fixing compound, blended carefully and formulated to……

Hind Crete Plus WPM

Hind Crete Plus WPM is an acrylic polymer based Cementitious coating and when used as recommended, combines…..

Hind Crystal Seal

Hind Crystal Seal is a capillary waterproofing formulation of proprietary blends of moisture active chemicals, quartz,……

Hind Fix TA

Hind Fix TA is ready mix cement based excellent tile adhesive conforming to IS Certification Mark, IS: 15477-2004……

Hind Hydraproof Ceramic

Hind Hydraproof Ceramic is an emulsion of high grade Ceramic Polymer in water. It contains the added advantages…..

Hind Hydrolast 2K

Hind Hydrolast 2K is a two component, elastomeric, flexible, acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating and when…….

Hind Patch R

Hind Patch R is a single component, polymer modified, fiber reinforced, cementitious based thixotropic structural …..

Hind Plast EGA

Hind Plast EGA is an Expanding Grout Admixture for pressure injection grouting of cement milk into concrete and can also……

Hind Plasto Guard

Hind Plasto Guard is a single component, flexible, ultra violet and weather resistant waterproofing coating based on modified……

Hind Sealant PS

Hind Sealant PS is two-component system. After mixing two components, the mixed material provides a strong and highly…..

Hind Styrene BR

Hind Styrene BR is a milky synthetic latex emulsion based on modified Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) which imparts…….

Hind Tile Grout

Hind Tile Grout is an ideal cementitous based, ready to use, gap filling material for wall and floor tiles like vitrified,…..